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A Place to Escape Around Kampala

Your Island Getaway on Lake Victoria


At Nsadzi Island, a uniquely accessible rainforest enjoyable from the comfortable distance of the Walindi Point peninsula, is to be found. A truly immersive nature experience in the imminent proximity of Kampala and Entebbe, Uganda, makes this a place like nowhere else.

By visiting us you support the mission of preserving the forest, the lake and provide an alternative income for the fishing communitites.

Scandinavian Design
Meets Ugandan Nature

You need things to be clean, functional and enjoyable with the least possible impact on nature.

At Walindi Point a Scandinavian approach to design meets local materials and fine craftsmanship, in an architecture that enhances the natural beauty of its surroundings. Read more about the architect behind it: Axel Borhaven in Borhaven Arkitekter.

Little extras

Pick your limes from the trees on the compound, get a pineapple from the garden, and enjoy water purified by solar and gravity - or make ice cubes to cool your drinks!

The important stuff

Use your own boat service or benefit from our affordable and safe boat service from Garuga Beach Resort Hotel. The boat ride takes about 45 minutes, don't forget to bring a few drinks!


$69 per night per adult full board
$49 per night per child full board (3-12 years)
$15 per adult boat return trip
$10 per child boat return trip
Children 0-3 years: free

Due to the cost of the boat transfer, we need a minimum of 5 confirmed guests to accept a booking.

Minimum stay: 2 nights. We can make exceptions for large groups.

Contact us to make a booking. To become a partner, click here.

We are dedicated to making your experience as smooth, exciting and well-organised as possible. To do this, a lot of logistics are involved. We therefore appreciate if you respect our payment and cancellation policy: 250 USD deposit to confirm the booking 4 days before departure time: 50% of the bill must be cleared, otherwise booking is immediately cancelled. All deposits are non-refundable. For cancellations or changes within 48 hours of departure, 100% of the bill must be paid. All final balances must be cleared before leaving the island Walindi Point cannot be held liable for delays that are a result of bad weather - safety first. By paying the deposit you accept the payment and cancellation policy.

The bungalow accommodates one double bed and a separate chamber with a single bed.

The four tents have 2 single beds each.

Total capacity is 11 adults. We do have 2 extra light beds, and good camping grounds for BYO-tents.


A baby cot is available on request and can be used in either the tents or the bungalow.

Experience the magic full moon

Reach out to us to get an offer for a weekend on Lake Victoria. Let us know if you plan a trip today, next week or next year.

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Walindi Point was initiated as a passion project by professionals ranging from software engineering, hydropower, real-estate, architecture, the medical field and drinking water professionals; all with a passion for nature, the lake and supporting communities through providing self-enriching, mutually-engaging experiences.

During the course of our time at Walindi Point we have especially developed a fondness towards Lake Victoria - Lake Nalubale - and the insane nature experience the location offers. Climate change and depleting fish stocks are affecting the livelihoods of the lake's guardians, and by collecting data and making this destination accessible, we want to propagate the value of nature to everybody in Uganda. We are on a mission to preserve as much as possible of the rainforest on the island, and we hope to find you at Walindi Point to support this cause.

In addition, we'll update you on environmental issues of Lake Victoria - the second largest fresh water lake in the world, but the least researched one.

We never sell or share your data. And we send at most one email a month.